Lulujo is a proud Canadian company, launched in 2008 by founder, Dawn Pottier, who was inspired by a product she made for her newborn while on maternity leave. The brand, fondly named after her two children, has grown over the past decade to worldwide distribution with a core product line of everyday essentials including muslin swaddles, blankets, and gifts. Lulujo delivers thoughtful and comforting products that are part of a parent’s joyful experience with their baby to help them to create memories. They use premium textiles and create on-trend designs making them perfect for Precious Cherubs.

Anything Canadian always has a place in my heart as I used to live there. One of my Canadian friends had a gorgeous swaddle and hat set for her baby and I thought what a great idea! A bit of research and I managed to find a way to sell them in the UK.

Francesca Endean


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