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Bonds Australia

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Did you know that Bonds has been selling clothes in Australia for over one hundred years?!

Bonds is one of Australia’s best known brands. They started as a small women’s hosiery manufacture in 1915 and haven’t looked back since! 

Bonds has always prided itself on being a company that works as a team. George Bond coined the company’s slogan :”We don’t work for each other. We work with each other”. They’ve had their own sports team, marching band, library and even a hairdresser! They also used Australia’s first industrial psychologists to boost their corporate culture.
No wonder this iconic brand has grown from strength to strength! They now stock a whole range of clothing for adults and children in Australia. They sell everything from hats to socks, dresses to dog bandanas and many things in between! And did you know they provided the outfits for 120,000 volunteers during the 2000 Sydney Olympics?

In the last few years Bonds have decided to expand internationally. This included starting to sell their unique Bonds Wondersuits directly here in the UK. We are so proud to be an official UK Bonds stockist.

Bonds Wondersuits have a history of their own. First manufactured in 1962, their unique features have ensured their enduring popularity. The super soft and stretchy material, amazing bright prints, 2-way zip and foot and hand cuffs have earned them a legendary place among Australian parents. We are so excited to be part of their arrival in the UK!
Bonds are slowly but surely expanding the range of items offered for sale in the UK so watch this space! As a principled, dynamic and exciting company, they are sure to have new ideas and products that are as bright and colourful as their Wondersuits.

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