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Wonderful World play mat for your Precious Cherub

by Mar 31, 2020mumpreneur0 comments

Precious Cherubs is all about interesting and unusual patterns and prints. We have a great range of clothes and accessories to choose from.

The ‘World’ play mat by Beginning with B is a particular favourite. The round mat, 90cm diameter, is perfect as a first play mat for your Precious Cherub. It is also ideal for making a lovely cosy floor mat in your Precious Cherub’s tent or teepee. There aren’t many round baby play mats out there so this is extra special. We love items that your Precious Cherub will cherish for several years, and this is one of them.

What we love best about the ‘World’ mat is the amazing fabric and world map print. It is in lovely colours so will interest your Precious Cherub from birth. They will love playing on the mat during tummy time. 

There are lovely animal pictures placed on the right part of the map which makes it educational as well as fun. A toddler or older child using it as a floor for their tent or teepee will be absolutely fascinated by it. They could have hours of fun playing with their toy animals on the mat.
The World play mat has beautiful soft tassels to make it even more interesting for your Precious Cherub. It will look stylish in any room. It really is a baby essential!

Don’t forget to check out our other play mats and wonderful range of patterned prints for the Precious Cherub in your life. We have fantastic deals on Bonds Wondersuits in particular, so do take a look.

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