Bonds Wondersuits 2 for £33-mix & match between prints & sizes.


Bonds Wondersuits: a future investment?

by Mar 14, 2020mumpreneur0 comments

As you know, we love Bonds Wondersuits at Precious Cherubs. We’ve been selling them since we launched in 2019 and they’ve been selling like hotcakes! 

We’ve already explained on our blog why Bonds Wondersuits are the best babygros out there. In case you need convincing, Bonds Wondersuits often become collector’s items. There are many Bonds Wondersuit devotees out there, both in Australia and here in the UK. Bonds Wondersuits have been the iconic Babygro in Australia for many years. Every Australian has heard of them, and every Australian baby has worn one (well, probably!!). This avid following, and the frequent introduction of new, bold patterned Wondersuits, means that Bonds Wondersuits often become collector’s items.
Bonds Wondersuits are so popular that one sells every three minutes! [Many collectors sell or buy their Wondersuits second hand because their quality cotton material is hard wearing, and because there is such high demand for these super babygros.]

We have a great range of Bonds Wondersuits here at Precious Cherubs and we are constantly updating our stock. We offer fantastic value on our Wondersuits, including an offer of two Wondersuits for £30. This is a great price, and we throw in free delivery within the UK for orders of £30 or more. So please browse our range to choose the next Bonds Wondersuit for your Precious Cherub.

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