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Can you get Bonds clothing in the UK?

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The answer is yes: you definitely can buy Bonds clothes in the UK!

Bonds is an Australian mega-brand. Established over a hundred years ago, every Australian knows about Bonds, and every Australian parent knows about the iconic Bonds Wondersuits! Bonds started as a small women’s hosiery manufacturer in 1915 and has grown exponentially since. They now stock a whole range of clothing for adults and children in Australia, from hats and socks to dresses and of course Bonds Wondersuits.

In the last five years or so Bonds have been expanding internationally, including selling their Bonds Wondersuits here in the UK. Precious Cherubs has been a proud official UK Bonds stockist since 2019.

Here at Precious Cherubs in the UK we stock a wide range of beautiful Bonds Wondersuits. Please see our full range here: [LINK]. In addition, we also stock Bonds children’s underwear and leggings. So do buy your Australian Bonds children’s clothes here at Precious Cherubs. We sell Bonds Wondersuits at competitive prices and have a fantastic ongoing 2 for £33 offer (including postage).

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