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Must-have baby accessory now in stock!

by Feb 11, 2020new season0 comments

As you’ve hopefully seen on our website or social media feeds, we are now proud stockists of Bumble Baby Boutique’s amazing muslins. We are so excited to be selling these lovely products.

We think that extra large muslins are essential items for any parent of small babies. They are so useful. We use them as blankets, burb cloths, buggy covers, floor coverings and even as a swaddle. Their versatility means they are an item we would never leave home without.

Bumble Baby Boutique’s range of muslins are exquisite. The prints are unique and bold, and will no doubt lead to many compliments on your taste. We stock a lovely range of different designs, from flamingos to giraffes, dinosaurs to feathers! You will definitely find one that suits your own personal style. 

The muslins are made from the highest quality breathable material and come in bamboo, organic cotton or 100% cotton. At 120cm x 120cm  they are extra, extra large which is why they can be put to so many great uses. The muslins are all made in the UK and Bumble Baby Boutique is a UK family run business.

Please check out our full range of these extra large muslins. You’ll love them. At £15 each they are very reasonably priced.

Thank you so much for all your support. We are so thankful to our customers. You’ve inspired us to stock this new range with your love of gorgeous patterns.

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