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My journey with Precious Cherubs

by Oct 27, 2020mumpreneur0 comments

So, as promised in my previous blog, here is my experience of running my own business! I couldn’t be anymore thankful for all the support I have received from everyone.

I must be honest and start by saying that my journey has been harder than I envisaged! Having always dreamed of running my own business, I was hit by the reality that it is MUCH harder than it looks. The amount of time and effort I put into my business is overwhelming some days. I started small and have slowly built my business up to where it is today. I am a true believer in hard work and that you get out of life what you put in. My hard work and dedication alongside my emotional investment in Precious Cherubs has seen my business really grow. 

Being busier does of course bring it’s own challenges! Post Office runs, carefully packaging items, ordering new products, updating my website, finalising accounts and many social media posts are all time-consuming. But please don’t think that I am complaining about running my business! I absolutely love doing it. As any small business owner can testify, I get excited every time my phone pings with an order email notification. I adore seeing what my customers are buying beautifully packing the orders.

I have my little helpers too. They love coming on my business trips to the Post Office (usually as they get to choose a treat!). But there is also A LOT of mum guilt associated with running your own business. They are forever saying “Mummy, please stop working” and “why do you have to work all the time”. It’s tough to hear but I keep reminding them that the harder I work the more we can afford. Daisy is already saying she wants to start her own business when she is older – which makes me soooo proud.

One of the main things that I could never have predicted is how emotionally involved I am with Precious Cherubs. It literally is like my third baby. Any negative comments, or the threat of a new competitor, can really shake me up. It’s completely silly and if I was an outsider, I’d be telling myself not to worry! But I can’t – I don’t switch off. I’m always thinking about what I need to do next. I’m lucky if I get one night off a month. But I do that so I can enjoy as much family time as possible during the day. 

So to summarise:- owning your own business takes LOTS of time and dedication but it’s definitely worth it. There is nothing more exciting than receiving an order or a lovely review. I am proud of how much I have achieved, including learning how to run my website, getting social media influencers on board and seeking out new brands that customers want to buy. I put my heart and soul into my business so thank you so much for all your support. It truly means so much to me. I hope to continue the journey with you all for much longer.

Francesca xxx

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