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Trip to Indx and new Bonds Wondersuits order!

by Feb 20, 2020Bonds Wondersuits0 comments

We had an amazing trip at the weekend to Indx, the country’s largest children’s clothing trade fair. It was such a privilege to be there.

The highlight was undoubtedly meeting the UK Bonds team and finding out all about their new Bonds Wondersuits. We got to look at all the amazing new prints which will be available in a couple of weeks’ time. There are some super-cool prints on offer, which we will of course be stocking here at Precious Cherubs!

There are a great range of new Bonds Wondersuits on offer. We particularly love the new sunflower print for a girl, plus an amazing unisex dalmatian print. For those of our customers who love something quirky, there is the Breakfast Club Wondersuit featuring your favourite breakfast food items. And we musn’t forget the classy blue or pink Wondersuits with ‘Bonds’ written in fun bubble writing on them. They’ll all be on sale at Precious Cherubs within a few weeks. We’ve also ordered some new Bonds super comfy leggings as well.

Looking round the Indix show was so much fun. We saw loads of amazing brands. We’d love to stock them all! At the moment as a new business we are focusing on our existing brands, but we are keeping a close eye on what we might stock in the future.

We hope the new Bonds Wondersuits will be available to buy very soon to pre-order, and they should be arriving here at Precious Cherubs HQ by the end of the month. So watch this space closely. 

All the new Wondersuits will be available to buy on our amazing value 2 for £30 offer. Plus all orders of £30 or over benefit from free delivery.

Happy Bonds Wondersuits shopping!

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