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What’s all the fuss about Bonds Wondersuits?

by Dec 30, 2019Bonds Wondersuits0 comments

If you’ve been following us on social media, you’ll know that we LOVE Bonds Wondersuits. But what is so special about them? And why should you buy one (or two or three….)

Bonds is a prominent Australian clothing company, established over 100 years ago. It is most famous for its Wondersuits, which have been on sale in Australia since 1962. Every parent in Australia knows about Bonds Wondersuits! And Precious Cherubs is delighted to sell these wonderful babygros in the UK.

What makes Wondersuits unique and so popular? First, they come in vibrant prints. Bonds releases new prints regularly and so they often become collector’s items. We stock a good range here at Precious Cherubs and are constantly updating our stock.

Second, Wondersuits make life easier for parents. They feature a 2-way zip for fast changes and fold-over cuffs to the hands and feet for extra warmth, protection and comfort. 

And finally, Bonds Wondersuits are made of stretch cotton that is super soft, so the Wondersuits are really comfortable and cosy for your Precious Cherub.

The iconic Bonds zip Wondersuits really are a must-have for your baby, so go ahead and treat your Precious Cherub to one of our fantastic range.  They come in sizes from  Newborn to 2 years old. You can buy two Wondersuits for £30, an amazing price. Just use the coupon code 2FOR30 at the checkout.

We also offer free delivery on orders £30 and over.

Thank you for shopping with us! Don’t forget to leave us a review on Facebook if you like our Bonds Wondersuits as much as we do.

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