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Where it all began……

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I thought it might be interesting for all our wonderful new Precious Cherubs customers to share my story of how and why Precious Cherubs began. I am so passionate about my business I literally live it day in/day out.

So what motivated me to start my own business? 

I have always dreamt of starting a business, but I didn’t know it would actually happen one day. I studied Business Management at University (many moons ago now) and I have always loved anything business related. The Apprentice, Dragon’s Den, you name it, I love it. I find business fascinating! After University I went into retail management and I just loved all the aspects of running a business/store. You get such a wide variety of experiences and knowledge from being a Store Manager. I have always loved helping people – and one of my main passions of my retail career was customer service. I worked for businesses where I had to communicate and chat to all my lovely customers (and I wouldn’t have it any other way). 

How did Precious Cherubs come about?
I left my full-time job in 2014 when I had my lovely first daughter Daisy. I then returned to retail in a less senior role before I had my adorable Tilly. It was at this point that my Aunty who lives in Australia sent me a BONDS Wondersuit. I literally couldn’t get enough of it! My daughter wore it all the time and I researched Bonds and fell in love with their designs. The prints, the two-way zip and the feet-cuffs won me over straight away. I wanted to buy more Wondersuits, but I struggled. They weren’t readily available in the UK and to ship from Australia there was a high minimum spend. I adored the product so much I felt I really wanted to bring Bonds to the UK. I knew fellow Mums would LOVE them! I tried contacting Bonds a few times, but I struggled to get anywhere. It was then one day when I was thinking about my long-term career goals that I decided to give it one last chance. I really wanted to run my own business, but wanted to move on if it wasn’t going to work. My persistence paid off! I stayed up until the middle of the night to call Bonds and they put me in touch with the newly established “Bonds UK”. The lovely ladies at Bonds UK were really helpful and said I could become a stockist! It meant so much to me to be given this opportunity. I will forever be thankful for their support.

So my Precious Cherubs journey had began. I was soooo excited and I had a lovely friend design my website for me. I added some other amazing brands that I loved for their bright prints and usefulness. Precious Cherubs was then launched in November 2019 (we have an exciting 1 year anniversary giveaway coming up soon).

Why the name Precious Cherubs?
I wanted to come up with a unique business name, and thought that a name you might call your child would work. I came up with a few different names but settled on Precious Cherubs because it was unique and so cute. I am so pleased that I used it as I LOVE the name now. 

I’ll continue my story on my next blog. I’ll also give my thoughts on juggling a business whilst looking after young children and the challenges and triumphs of being a business owner.

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